Finding green in the city. Erica Violet Lee and Jenn Harper by sweetmoon photography

“How to grow wildflowers”

...some days, we wish for no different than what we have in front of us. The soil we hold in our hands, the hands we hold in ours, the rocks stuck in our shoes, caught in the warm summer rain in a jean jacket: this is what I know of the land. Not the scientific names of flowers, but the way they make me feel. This is a reminder that many days we want for no more.


The Wigwam Conspiracy (CBC Canada 2017)

"There have always been divergent stories of "home" in Canada. Mythic, pluralistic Glowing Hearts, on one hand, oppressive Home on Native land, on the other. In the former, symbols dominate: empty wigwams and tipis because they don't speak back to paternalism; sacred stories removed from their keepers to prevent carrying the memories of our worlds into the… Continue reading The Wigwam Conspiracy (CBC Canada 2017)


In Defense of the Wastelands (GUTS Magazine)

I wrote a feature for the fabulous GUTS Canadian Feminist Magazine's issue 7: Love, titled In Defense of the Wastelands: A Survival Guide: "...for those of us in the wastelands - for those of us who are the wastelands - caring for each other is refusing a definition of worthiness that will never include us." "To provide… Continue reading In Defense of the Wastelands (GUTS Magazine)