Indigenous women on the Prairies deserve reproductive freedom (CBC Indigenous)

“To believe that life is truly sacred means acknowledging that the bodies of Indigenous women are no one’s territory but our own.” 

This past November, I co-authored a short essay for CBC Indigenous with my mentor and good friend, Nêhiyaw-Trinidadan land-based educator Tasha Spillett.

Tasha Spillett and Erica Violet Lee by Fatin Chowdhuryphoto by Fatin Chowdhury

Our piece for CBC Indigenous focuses on the history, present, and revival of our teachings regarding sexuality and reproductive health – and the ways these teachings and practices are deliberately eroded by colonial governance.

The feedback we received on our writing was supportive. I hope our communities will gain even more ground in addressing our struggles for body sovereignty in the forthcoming year.

“Indigenous women and girls — especially those on reserve and in rural communities — face barriers to accessing basic health care; and yes, access to abortions is a necessary part of the basic health care package that we deserve.”

Read the full piece here:

One thought on “Indigenous women on the Prairies deserve reproductive freedom (CBC Indigenous)

  1. Trina Slapcoff February 11, 2018 / 12:00 pm

    Very nice. Good to publicize that women in remote areas who do not get equal access to medical services. It is astonishing that women are flown out of their communities when they are giving birth! I have written about that and researched that topic when I was studying at Concordia University with Dr. Louellyn White. I like that you brought the eye twitch reality public since my dad mentioned his eye twitch, and I get an eye twitch sometimes too, and fondly think of him.

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