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Fearless Philosophizing, Embodied Resistance (by Erica Violet Lee)

The Queen’s English

Shame is the reaction requested when they look you in the mouth and say, “lost her language”, but I know language well enough to pinpoint each time it's lost instead of stole, and that my shame alone cannot build homes or sustain bodies.

I’m concerned for your academic career if you talk about this publicly

What truths would be written if academics weren't afraid of losing their jobs? What truths would be written if you followed through, in practice, the type of sovereignty and decolonization you theorize in journals? All the times I've heard some version of "I'm... Continue Reading →

And to think that I saw it on 20th Street

I walked home down 20th street, toward a small brown-skinned Indigenous girl, maybe five years old, standing on the sidewalk. She was wearing a pink raincoat, rubber boots, and carrying a big gold foil balloon in the shape of a... Continue Reading →

Feeding the Heart of the City: A Love Letter at the Closing of Our Grocery Store

It is not a coincidence that areas with high Indigenous populations are the areas deprived of access to food and health care. At its core, this is an issue of maintaining the dispossession of Indigenous people and the legitimacy of Canadian control; an attempt to destroy the nations and legal orders that we hold in our blood, our muscles, our stomaches, our minds, our mouths.

“Indigenizing the Academy” without Indigenous people: who can teach our stories?

To paraphrase an Indigenous faculty member, “If I walked in and decided I wanted to teach physics, they would laugh me out of the office. So why is it that this university is allowing someone to teach Indigenous content without the proper qualification?"

An Open Letter to Mastodon regarding your Thanksgiving t-shirts [[Updated With Band Response]]

Dear Troy, Brent, Bill and Brann, A year ago, I finally had the chance to see Mastodon play with Ghost and Opeth in Saskatoon. I was front row center, pressed against the gates for the first two sets. It was... Continue Reading →

That deadly academic silence: outspoken Indigenous students & unsettling the Canadian university

A letter to myself, 2025 (2030?!): if you become a professor, don’t sell out Native students. If a Native student comes to your office in tears about an encounter with institutional racism, don't tell her "Oh, that's too bad. But... Continue Reading →

No, Andrea Smith is not the “Native American Rachel Dolezal”

No, Andrea Smith is not the "Native American Rachel Dolezal". Rachel Dolezal is the Native American Rachel Dolezal - she also claimed Native ancestry, something that is so common as to be boring in light of the overall ridiculousness of... Continue Reading →

“Skirting the Issue”: a response & call to action

I submitted a shorter version of this op-ed to the Winnipeg Free Press on June 17, 2015, in response to Professor Joanne Boucher's opinion piece entitled "Dress-code message at U of W sexist". After this, the WFP published a response,... Continue Reading →

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